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Zippers protections

This is a patented device to protect the slider and puller of zippers to be applied on garments during production or before washing or dyeing’s treatment. It prevents sliders and pullers from bumps and aggressive rubbing during washing/dyeing stages and aggressive treatment or where the protection of polished/painted finishes of the slider and of particularly weak pullers is needed.

The Cover device is versatile, it protects the body sliders and the majority of pullers of different fasteners’ manufacturers

What are the sizes?

Cover 3

  • length mm 35
  • width mm 11
  • height mm 10

Protects the body slider zippers metal type 3 and plastic zipper type 3.

Cover 5

  • length mm 44
  • width mm 13
  • height mm 11

Protects the body slider zippers metal type 5 and plastic zipper type 4/6.

Cover 8

  • length mm 50
  • width mm 17
  • height mm 15

Protects the body slider zippers metal type 8, plastic zipper type 8/9.

Cover 9L

  • length mm 61
  • width mm 21
  • height mm 16

Protects the body slider zippers metal and plastic zipper type 9/10.

Cover 9L is distributed exclusively by Coats Italy – Codroipo (UD) Italy

Product features

Cover 3-5-8

Made of polypropylene material, standard, to protect the slider/puller body (operating temperature up to 90°).

Cover 3-5-8 Soft

Made of polyethylene material, soft, designed to provide the best protection for the
slider/puller body (operating temperature up to 60°).

Cover 3-5-8 Ace

Made of acetal technopolymer material for the protection of the slider/puller body in the presence of dyes with high temperature treatments (use temperature up to 140°).

Cover 9L

Slider body protection with long zip puller type 8/9 (temperature up to 90°).
This product is exclusive of Coats Italy – Codroipo (UD) Italy

How to use

Cover is easy to use.

To close: slip the device over the top of the zipper until it is completely inserted. Apply 1 or more nylon points “Calabrone tagging system” (height 7 mm) using a special gun with a needle (diameter of 3 mm and height of 12 mm).
To open: cut the nylon points with scissors and pull off the protection.

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